Misha Collins Wife – Victoria Vantoch (West Anaximander Collins)

Not many people that enjoy watching Misha Collins on-screen realize he is actually a married man. While there could be various reasons for this, one key reason is he acted as an angel in Fantasy series. He did this almost like he is actually an angel. Although it is impossible for an angel to take part in a television series, his role had an effect on the minds of his fans. The fact that he interpreted the role excellently is one reason people naturally believe he is unmarried. Lots of people consider Misha to have certain supernatural attributes. All of them have forgotten that he is just like every other man and has a romantic side as well.

Since Misha is not an angel in real life, who is he married to? If you are wondering who he is married to, you do not have to do so anymore as this article contains details about Misha Collin’s wife and her lifestyle.

 Misha Collins is married to Victoria Vantoch, a journalist, historian, and writer.

Also called Vicki, Victoria Vantoch is a writer and teacher. She is famous for writing about topics related to architectural maintenance, fashion, relationships, sex, etc. These writings are not just in blogs. They can be gotten in famous magazines and newspapers in the United States. One newspaper that have carried her works is The Washington Post.

Victoria Vantoch is famous as a writer but is even more famous as the wife of Misha Collins, the man that is famous for playing the role of an angel in CW’s fantasy series.

About Victoria Vantoch

Born in, on the 30th of January to be precise, Victoria Vantoch grew up in Riverdale, United States. Although her ethnicity is mixed, she is an American and is a Buddhist.

As soon as she got out of college, Victoria went ahead to get a postgraduate degree. She ended up getting out of the University of Chicago with a master’s degree in Anthropology. Although getting a master’s degree was great, she did not stop at just a master’s degree. She went ahead to get a doctorate degree.

Although Victoria is in the limelight for different reasons, she became very popular after writing a book on sex.  This book was released in 2007 and is a handbook called ‘The Threesome Handbook. Although this book is not the only book on sex in existence, it was the first book about having a threesome to be released in the United States. Due to this, it, attracted a lot of attention. Apart from being focused on helping more than two people have sex at the same time, this book comes with relationship tips.

Victoria did not stop writing in 2007. Six years after releasing a book on having a threesome, she went on to release another book called ‘Jet Sex: Airline Stewardship ad the Making of an American Icon. This book was very successful and helped her get some very important recognition. 

Vicki has put in a lot into writing, her life, however, is not dedicated to just writing. She has also spent time teaching college students history. Additionally, she has worked as a lecturer in different institutions in the United States. Some of them include the Organization of American Historians and the Library of Congress.

What is Her Family Like?

There is not a lot of information about Victoria’s parents and siblings. Nonetheless, she has a happy family that comprises her children and husband. And they live in Pasadena, California.

Victoria started a family with Misha Collins after they got married in October, 2001. The wedding was held in Maine, United States.

Although Victoria and Misha got married in 2001, they had their first child in 2010. This child was born on the 23rd of September and was called West Anaximander. Two years after having their first child, they welcomed a second. This time, a daughter called Maison Marie. Their daughter was born on the 25th of September, 2012.

10 years after getting married, Victoria and her husband renewed their marriage vows. This event was colorful and was even more memorable as they decided to cross-dress. Misha wore a gown and Victoria wore a suit.

Facts about Victoria Vantoch

Victoria and her husband have similar passions. Just like her, her husband is a writer. He, however, does not just write. He is a poet. As a matter of fact, being poetic was one of the things that attracted her to him.

Victoria is tri-sexual. This is a trait she shares with her husband. According to one of her quotes, they get a third person to tag along when they have sex. As an experienced trisexual, Victoria decided to write a book for other tri-sexuals because of the absence of the right books for tri-sexuals to refer to.

Although popular as Misha Collins, Victoria’s husband was not always known as Misha Collins. He was called Dmitri Tippens Krushnic at birth. However, while growing up, he decided to adopt the maiden name of his great-grandmother as his surname. An action that was done for professional reasons. Furthermore, the name ‘Misha’ was a pet name he got as a child and he decided to stick to it. 

Unlike the traditional occurrence in which men are usually older than their wives, Victoria is older than her husband. Although this is just with a couple of months. She was born in January while her husband was born in August.

Victoria, as well as her husband are alumni of the same institution. That’s not all. In addition to going to the same University, they went to high school together. While in high school, Misha was the only male in Victoria’s English class. This was a major basis of attraction. Victoria was not the only one attracted to him. She, however, played her cards well and was able to attract him.


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