Bill Gate’s Son – Rory John Gates (College & Wiki)

Bill gates might not be the most famous person in the world. He, however, has been the richest man on the planet on different occasions. Although not everyone knows him, a lot of people all over the world know who he is. Well, the same cannot be said about his son Rory John Gates.

Rory John Gates is the second child and only son of Bill and Melinda gates. He was born on the 23rd of May, 1999. His siblings are Jennifer Katherine Gates who is three years older than he is and Phoebe Adele Gates who is three years younger.

Since Rory is the only son of Bill Gates, a lot of people are interested in knowing about him. This, however, is difficult as he lives a very private life and does not have an Instagram account like his sisters. The absence of an Instagram account means a lot of people cannot keep up with his daily life and do not know much about him. 

If you are looking to know a little more about Rory Gates, you do not have to look any further. Simply go on with this Article.

What Was Rory’s Upbringing Like?

Rory might be the son of a millionaire and a rich kid himself. He, however, was not brought up like a lot of other rich kids. He was brought up in a conservative environment and was kept away from the public for a long time. 

Unlike the average kid of this generation, Rory owned a phone for the first time when he became thirteen. This is one thing he has in common with his siblings.

Although Rory had friends that already had phones when they were younger than 13, his father felt he was only going to let him own a phone when he turned 13. Now, the fact that Rory did not own a phone before thirteen does not mean he did not use one at any point in time. Nonetheless, he only official owned one after turning 13.

Not owning a phone until 13 was not the only thing Rory John Gate had to cope with. His parents also made him know the value of money while he was still a kid. This is an attribute that separates him from a lot of rich kids.

Rory and Charity

It is common knowledge that Bill Gates with be giving a huge part of his earnings to charity when he passes away. While it might not seem like his children will be okay with that, contrary to what a lot of people think, his children do not have any problem with him giving his money to charity. As a matter of fact, his son is just as interested in charity as he is.

Rory already has a reputation for giving 1/3 of what he gets as pocket money to charity. This is because he was brought up to do this. Beyond giving to charity, Rory does not seem so interested in social media and in being like every other person. His interests are more about solving the problems the world is dealing with.

At the moment, Rory John Gates has an estimated net worth of $20 million.

Does Rory Gate Live Alone

Rory Gates was brought up to have a lot of value for family life. And due to this, he still lives with his parents. Although he can easily get a place of his own, he lives with his parents and siblings in the family house called Xanadu 2.0. Although this property is now worth $128.54 million, it was bought at $2 million in 1988.

Will Rory John Gates Take Over Microsoft?

Rory John Gates is the only child of Bill Gates with an interest in tech. This, therefore, puts him on his father’s path. Since Rory is already on the same path as his father, there are reports that he will soon join the family business and might take over this business from his father. Although it is too early to tell if Rory will be in charge of Microsoft when Bill Gates passes on, the possibility of him taking over the helm of affairs at Microsoft is very high.


 Rory John Gates has been brought up quite differently from his sisters. As it stands, he is the only one interested in tech like his father.

Rory has completed his education. He has degrees in economics and computer science from Duke University. After he got his degrees, he went ahead to chase a Master’s degree. Rory is almost done with school to a large extent. Nonetheless, his parents have made it known that he is still studying.

What Does Rory Look Like

Rory does not have an imposing presence.  At 5 ft. and 5 inches, he cannot be said to be tall by any standards. He has brown eyes, grey hair, and weighs 52kg.


Since Rory is not a social media enthusiast, not many people know about his personal life. Nonetheless, at the moment, there are no stories of him being in a relationship. Beyond just being in a relationship, Rory John Gates is not married. We know this as there are no records of him getting married, getting separated, or even being divorced.

How Does Rory Relate With His Parents

Rory is not the only child of his parents. However, it seems he is the favorite. Although close to every member of his family, he seems to have a special bond with his mom. This is how she describes him; “He’s an extraordinary child and lovely brother. He’s acquired his folks’ obsessive love of puzzles. However, something that makes me proudest is that Rory is a feminist.”

It is not surprising that Rory is very close to his mother. Melinda quit her job to look after the children and can be said to have spent the most time with them while their father was at work for 16 hours every day. Although the long working hours of Bill Gates has yielded a lot of income for the family, he does not share the same bond his wife shares with the kids.


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