Eminem’s Brother Nathan Kane Samara (Mathers)

Not so many names ring a bell, like Nathan Kane Samara, (now, Nathan Kane Mathers). Who then is Nathan Kane Samara, and why does he matter?

Nathan Mathers, renowned for his relationship with popular rap icon, Marshall Bruce Matters III (professionally known as Eminem) is a music artist, song producer, songwriter, and actor. He is also known to be a personal trainer and coach. In his work as an artist, he is renowned for two popular songs, Slide on Over and Shadow of a Celebrity.

Not much is known about Nathan, perhaps because of his few media appearances. Still, as Eminem’s younger step-brother, Eminem has played a huge role in Nathan’s life and development, so much so that it is worth digging into the biography of Nathan Kane Samara.

Early Life and Childhood 

Born on 3rd, February 1986, Nathan Kane is son to, Debbie Nelson Mathers and Fred Samara, Nathan possesses a mixed nationality. Hence, he has English, German, Scottish, and Swiss-German roots. Born in Missouri (in the city of Kansas), Nathan is also a citizen of the United States of America.

Although details about his education are not quite known, Nathan attended high school at the Roseville Elementary School, California, USA. Nathan has a height of 5’6 feet (168cm), has blue eyes and brown hairs.

Growing up, Nathan had a tough childhood experience. Being the son of Debbie Mathers-Briggs, meant Nathan had to grow up under the guidance of an abusive mother as he was faced with emotional and physical abuse. Hence, Eminem took over Nathan’s custody and raised him properly in Detroit. Debbie (popularly referred to as mother), is known for several controversies, most of which are noted from several interviews and songs released by Eminem.

Both brothers resent their mother due to her constant abuses, and from their songs, you can note that they still bear some atom of grudges against their mother. Nathan has stated that he shares no real relationship with his mother, Debbie. However, as of 2018, Nathan had a legal change of name, changing his surname “Samara” and now bearing her surname “Mathers.”

The reason behind this change of surname is not quite known. However, it could be that Nathan needed more fame and recognition, as he would be sharing the same surname as Eminem. Hence, the whole world would quickly recognize him as a brother to Eminem. Also, this change could be attributed to the fact that he wants to walk in his footstep, as Eminem also took his surname.

Profession and Music Career

Being the brother of Eminem, Nathan shares some similarities with him, as both of them are music artists, even though one is more famous than the other. As already mentioned, Nathan Mathers is a music producer, an artist, songwriter, and trainer known professionally as Nathan Kane.

Though following in Eminem’s footsteps, Nathan has a music style of his own. Although not as popular as Eminem, he still bears the recognition as a rapper and a songwriter and has a few songs credited to his name, most popular of the lot been, Slide on Over and Shadow of a Celebrity. Many believe that the song “Shadow of a Celebrity” as released as a way of making people realize he lives in the shade of his most popular brother Eminem who is more famous. Even though Nathan’s music career may not have flourished like Eminem’s, he is still recognized in the music industry as a music artist. On many occasions, Nathan has received awards on Eminem’s behalf.

Nathan also marked his acting career by appearing in one of Eminem’s music videos, “Without Me,” which was released in May 2002. He also made his first movie appearance in the movie, Devils Night, where he played the character of Detective Liam O’Connor. The movie was released in 2019, and officially launched Nathan’s movie career.

Personal Life

Very little is still known about Nathan’s private life, as he prefers to keep a rather low profile. In addition to been related to Eminem, Nathan also shares other relatives with him. He also has a brother named Michael and a sister called Sarah.

While growing up, Nathan was a victim of abuse from his Mother, Deborah Nelson Mathers, which led him to a foster home. Eminem took custody of Nathan, becoming his legal guardian.

Nathan is also married to Ashley Withey. Nathan first met Ashley in 2002, when he was 16 years old, and the couple got engaged in the year 2016. In the year 2018, the couple tied the knot.

Nathan has a son with then his fiancée Ashley called Liam Kane with whom he is very much bonded to. He is a big part of Nathan’s life, and he often referred to him as his best friend.

Nathan has constantly featured Liam on his social media timelines and often talks about how much he loves him. He also has two other kids after Liam.

Nathan’s fondness for children has also made him affectionate to his stepbrother’s daughters, Hailie and Alaina Mathers.

Nathan Mathers has also kept a pretty decent record, running afoul of the law only on one occasion, where he was found guilty of a misdemeanor. In 2009, Nathan was found culpable for drunk driving, having failed a breathalyzer test, and tested for high levels of alcohol. He was, however, set free on bail and did not face jail time. Nathan has since maintained a decent record and has not been founding wanting of running afoul of the law or embroiled in any controversy.

Nathan also creates time for recreational activities. As a fitness enthusiast, he visits the gym regularly and a vegan. His social media posts reflect this. He also spends time playing video games as he owns and plays the PlayStation gaming console.

Nathan also dedicates time for sports. As a sports lover, he is also a supporter of his boyhood football team, Detroit Lions.

Few Media Appearances

Nathan Kane has often shied away from the media and kept a low profile. As a sibling to a popular celebrity and a top rapper, a lot of persons might feel that Nathan ought to appear on the media frequently and gain instant fame. But that’s not the case, as the media barely knows much about Nathan. Not until Nathan represented Eminem during one of the Detroit Music Events and accepted an award on Eminem’s behalf. Perhaps, this was due to the traumatic childhood experience he had.

As some reports stated, Nathan had a physical and emotional troubling childhood, as his mother was always abusing him. Perhaps, he has been off the media to avoid the kind of criticisms the media had threw to his half elder brother. Maybe this was also the reason he has been under the custody of Eminem since when he turned sixteen. 

Relationship with Eminem

Being half brothers, Nathan and Eminem share a rather explicit relationship. They share a strong bond even though they are from a different father. Eminem is fourteen years older than Nathan and has always taken care of him while he was younger. To date, Nathan holds Eminem in high regard and feels he owes everything to him. This close relationship that both brothers shares spread to their family as well, as Nathan loves Eminem’s children (Whitney, Alaine, and Hailee) very much and has been an awesome uncle.

Nathan has equally been a part of Eminem’s journey as a musician, supporting him in various ways. In 2001, he showed Eminem support by receiving an award and giving a thank you speech on his behalf.

Nathan still retains good ties with his step-brother Eminem. The duo has undertaken tours together, while also promoting Eminem in other ways through promoting his on social media.

Present Day Life

Nathan’s music career may not have hit an all-time high like Eminem’s; he has, however, not failed to remain active and focused on other aspects of his life. Nathan made his movie debut in 2019, where he starred as Detective Liam O’Connor, in the movie, Devils Night, bringing Nathan to a working relationship with Director and Co-writer, Sam Logan Khaleghi and screen player Aaron Herman Russman, and the likes of Jesi Jensen, D12’s Swift Mcvay and Napoleon Duraisamay of Bollywood.

Even though Nathan may have experienced limited success in the music industry, it is hoped his recent movie debut will kick start his acting career in earnest.

Net Worth

Compared to Eminem, Nathan is not worth much; however, he still enjoys a comfortable life from his net and earnings over the years. 

Nathan holds an estimated net worth of about $12 million, an income he generates mostly from his work as a DJ. Nathan reportedly earns about $72,500 annually, while working as a DJ and from other work as a personal trainer and coach. As a personal coach, he is reported to be earning around $73,160 from this venture. 

Nathan also generates income passively from social media, which also contributes to his net worth. According to sources, he earns an estimated $154.5 to $257.5 per Instagram post.


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