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Jocelyn Howard is the daughter of famous Hollywood star Ron Howard. Ron has been making waves in the international movie industry right from his childhood all the way through to adulthood. His talent is quite exceptional, and some of his movies remain all time classics. A few of the films when he featured include Happy Days (1974-1980) and The Andy Griffith Show (1960-1968). Ron went on to become a producer/director, and two of his notable works are A beautiful mind (2001) and Apollo 13 (1995).

Another remarkable aspect of Ron’s life is his marriage. Unlike most Hollywood stars, Ron has only been married once since 1975, and his marriage has been successful. His wife is also a famous American actress and writer Cheryl Alley. Ron and his wife are parents to four children, including Jocelyn Howard. The Howards are very notable in the movie industry with three out of their four kids being actively involved in acting.

We chose to write about Jocelyn because she happens to be the least popular of all the four Howard kids. We’ve done all the hard work for you, read further to learn some interesting facts about her.

Facts About Jocelyn Howard, Ron Howard’s Daughter

Her Age and Ethnicity

Jocelyn Carlyle Howard was born in the city of Los Angeles, California, to the family of  Ron and Cheryl Howard on the 5th of February 1985. Therefore, her zodiac symbol is Aquarius. She is a Caucasian by ethnicity and American by nationality. Jocelyn Howard comes from a diverse racial background, which includes Dutch, Scottish, German, Irish, and English Ancestry.

Jocelyn has a Twin

Jocelyn has a twin sister Paige Howard with whom she shares the same middle name, “Carlyle.” Right from childhood, Jocelyn Howard has been using glasses. Therefore, it appears that she has a sight challenge. On December 10, 2015, when her Dad Ron Howard received his Hollywood Walk of fame star award for the second time, he took a group picture with his family members, and Jocelyn wore a sunshade in that photograph.

In another picture with her dad, while he was directing the Apollo 13 movie in 1990, Jocelyn and her twin sister can be seen standing with him.

The other of Jocelyn’s siblings include Bryce and Reed. Bryce was born in 1981, while Reed was born in 1987.  Jocelyn also has a nephew Theodore (born in 2007), and a niece Beatrice (born in 2012), both from Bryce, her elder sister, who got married to Seth Gabel in 2006.

A Family History of movie Actors

Jocelyn’s parents are both actors, but that is not all about her acting ancestry. Both of her grandparents from her paternal side were actors too. Her granddad Jean France Speegle who later changed his name to Rance Howard was active in the movie industry until his death. He lived from 1927 to 2000 while her grandma lived from 1928-2017.

It is no exaggeration to say that acting runs in the veins of Howard’s family members, no wonder her twin sister has been active in the movie industry for over a decade already. Paige Howard is famous for the role she played in the thriller movie, The Employer, where she starred as Sandra Turner. 

Bryce Gabel, Jocelyn’s eldest sister, has been into professional acting since 1989 and is famous for many roles she has played. Some of the movies where she has acted include The Village (2004), Jurassic World (2015&2018), and Twilight saga (2010). Bryce’s husband, Seth, is also a famous American movie actor that is popular for the roles he played in movies like Salem and Fringe.

Jocelyn’s younger brother Reed Howard is also an actor, film producer, director, and writer. You will agree that we were right to have said that acting runs in Howard’s blood. Did we forget to add that her uncle Clint Howard is also an actor? He started featuring in movies from his childhood and has remained active ever since.

She prefers to live low-key

Even though Jocelyn was born into a family of people who are always in the spotlight, she seems to have chosen to live a very private life and keep off from cameras. Ron once disclosed during an interview that his daughter Jocelyn was not interested in anything that had to do with showbiz or acting. We went on to add that she was involved in some other things. It would have been nice if he had disclosed what she was busy with, but unfortunately, he didn’t, so we can’t say much about that. However, Jocelyn appeared in a sitcom series with her twin sister in 2018. The title of the series was Arrested Development. Seeing Jocelyn in front of the TV was quite a wonder and she acted her role like a pro. We wonder why she is yet to feature in another movie as this was her first and remains her only appearance for now. What could have prompted her to take part in the sitcom? Did her twin sister prevailed on her? That we can’t say.

We can’t provide much other important information about Jocelyn due to her private life and limited media appearance. Details such as her educational qualification and background, relationship, and career are not available in the public domain as she is not active on social media. 

Howard Family Naming Tradition

Jocelyn’s Dad, Ron, developed an interesting culture of giving his kids the name of where he conceived them. This is why Paige and Jocelyn have the same middle name. All the middle names of his children are names of places where they were conceived. Bryce’s middle name, Dallas, was taken from the city of Dallas, Texas, where Cheryl convinced her; Jocelyn’s middle name Cheryl was the name of the hotel where Cheryl convinced her and her twin sister. The last son Reed was conceived in a Volvo, so the parents didn’t like that name, and thus they decided to name him after a street in London called Cross.


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