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Born on the 24th of August, 1984 in San Francesco, United States, Evelyn is best described as a woman with beauty and brains. She can speak several languages and was born by Jewish parents that spent some time in Russia before migrating to the United States. 

Evelyn Taft was born in the United States. She, however, did not spend as much time in the United States as the average kid. This is because her family was always on the move. She spent time in London, France, and Israel. She, therefore, can speak various languages. Some of these languages are English, Russian, French, and Hebrew.


Although Evelyn was always travelling, she was able to get a very good education. She went through high school in Menlo School in Atherton, California. After completing high school, she went to the Annenberg School of Journalism at the University of Southern California. After spending the required time getting educated, she got her degree in Broadcast Journalism and Political Science in 2006. She also attended the Mississippi State University where she got a degree in meteorology.

Evelyn Taft as a Meteorologist

Evelyn did not become a meteorologist because she simply wanted to get a degree. She always had a passion for meteorology as a child. D to this passion, she is popular for her commentary on meteorology on K-Cal TV Channel 9.

Evelyn Taft started working as a host when she was 16. This happened after she relocated to Los Angeles. Although she did not have a degree in Journalism as at the time she got her first job, working as a host made her very much interested in journalism and it influenced her choice to get a degree in journalism from the University of Southern California.

While getting a degree in journalism was good enough to keep Evelyn in front of TV screens, it was not good enough to give her a cemented position. She, therefore went ahead to Mississippi University to study meteorology.

Evelyn Taft’s Career

Evelyn Taft is not the only meteorologist that hosts on TV. She, however, is one of the most successful. Her success in her chosen profession can be attributed to the fact that she started very early. It, however, is not just because she started out early. Her level of intelligence also played a major role in helping her make it to the top.

When Evelyn started out, she worked in San Francesco as a weather forecaster and a host for KRO4. Although she had a couple of jobs before she began working with KCAL-TV Channel 9, she never really became successful until she began working at KCAL-TV Channel 9.

Evelyn is very intelligent and she has proven that over and over again by the way she has performed on her job at KCAL-TV Channel 9. Although Evelyn had other jobs before she began working at KCAL-TV Channel 9, this station was where she actually first worked as a professional journalist. She took different roles at KCAL-TV Channel 9. She worked as a reporter, a director, and editor, and a presenter.

Evelyn has taken up various roles at KCAL-TV Channel 9 and has been successful with all of them. At KCAL-TV Channel 9, she has worked with lots of successful journalists. Some of them are Rick Gracia, Sharon Tay, and Stephanie Simmons.

Beyond just having an opportunity to work with some of the best in the field, when Evelyn worked with Rick, Sharon, and Stephanie, they were jointly able to get lots of accolades. Prior to working with these powerhouse journalists, Evelyn was perhaps like every other journalist. However, the success of the jobs she did with Rick, Sharon, and Stephanie shot her to limelight and made her a force to be reckoned with.

While she was at Mississippi University, Taft was able to get a level of success. She was able to get a role at the station KCOY. While at KCOY, she had various duties. She worked as a reporter, a news anchor, and a weather forecaster. The various roles she had to play at KCOY tested her skills as a professional journalist. While these different roles offered some form of test, reporting right out of the front lines of the Santa Barbara County Wildfires was a real test of what she really had to offer.

Is Evelyn Taft Married

Evelyn Taft is famous and is a perfect example of a career woman, Due to this, not a lot of people expect her to be married. She, however, is a married woman. While lots of people are surprised by this fact, a woman that intelligent and beautiful will most likely not be in the market for a long time.

Evelyn has been able to keep information about her marriage very private. Due to this, not very many people know about her marriage. Details about how she and her husband met are generally unknown. She is currently married to Ross Resnik. They got married in 2011 and have been married for 9 years.

Evelyn and her husband had their first child on the 11th of September, 2015. This was closely followed by a second child. She is a very private person. Due to this, details about her children’s names are not known by outsiders.

Although not a lot is known about Evelyn’s marriage, judging from the posts she puts up on social media, it can be said that she and her husband are having a good time in their marriage.

Evelyn Taft’s Husband

Evelyn can be said to be happily married to Ross Resnik. Nonetheless, very little is known about him. So, who is Ross Resnik?

Ross Resnik is not a very popular person. He, however, was responsible for establishing a body known as Roaming Hunger and is also an American citizen. This organization is one that makes it possible for people to get in touch with food carts and food trucks. It is able to do this because its website features a directory dedicated to this purpose.

Although there are no details of when Evelyn and Ross met, since they both went to the University of Southern California, you can always assume they met in the university. Unlike Evelyn that studied journalism, Ross studied International Studies and graduated in 2006. He also got an MBA in 2014.

Evelyn’s Awards

Evelyn Taft is a famous journalist and is obviously very high up the pecking order in her profession. It, therefore, is perfectly normal that she should have a good number of accolades.

One of her awards is the Golden Mike Award she got for being a weather forecaster. She also got the National Weather Association Seal of Approval award.

What is Evelyn Taft’s Net Worth?

Evelyn has been working as a journalist and meteorologist for quite a long time. Beyond working for a long time, she has also gained a great degree of success, has played various roles, and has worked in different networks. If all these things are taken into account, it simply leads to one fact, Evelyn Taft has a high net worth.

There are not lots of details about Evelyn Taft’s income. She, however, is worth a million dollars. Since there are no known businesses, it is safe to assume her money comes from the amount she earns as a weather forecaster and a news anchor.

In addition to the money Evelyn makes from her job, she has also gotten a couple of endorsements and this has played a major role in influencing her net worth.

How Does Evelyn Carry Out Her Job as a Weather Forecaster?

Evelyn is popular as a meteorologist. It, therefore, will be important to find out how she expresses her passion for meteorology. While Evelyn’s job as a meteorologist already gives her an avenue to express her love for meteorology, she does not stop at that, she also expresses her interest in meteorology on social media.

Evelyn Taft has converted her twitter account to a platform for giving the latest updates about the weather. The implication of this is she does not just talk about the weather because she is paid to do so. She talks about it because it is what she actually has a passion for.

Some of her tweets are;

“Snow levels will lower & bring light snowfall to the mountains with snow in the Grapevine through this evening… Warmer and drier tomorrow through Wednesday, aside from a slight chance of showers on Sunday. Tune in tonight #weatherathome#SafeAtHome @CBSLA ASHkcal9 8,9 and 10pm”

“Warm and dry through Saturday…chance of rain and snow heading our way Sunday and Monday…all the details in my #stayathomeforecast tonight on ashkcal9 at 8,9 and 10@cbsla”

“A bit of a break tomorrow but expecting more rain & snow on the way…snow levels down to 4K and winter weather advisories will remain in effect in our local mountains from 5 am tomorrow through 11 pm Thursday. More rain showers Thursday and another chance Sun-Mon @cbsla”

“TAKE COVER NOW! Move to a basement or an interior room on the lowest floor of a sturdy building. Avoid windows. If you are outdoors, in a mobile home, or in a vehicle, move to the closest substantial shelter and protect yourself from flying debris @cbsla @NWSLosAngekes

How Does Evelyn Spend Free time

It is common knowledge that Evelyn is a very busy person. She has various roles on various top networks and has to do al she is paid for before she has any free time on her hands. Although she is a very busy person, she definitely has some free time. So, how does she spend her free time?

When Evelyn is free, she spends quality time with her children and the entire family. That’s not all. She also loves dogs and hangs around the dog just the way she spends time with other members of her family.

Beyond spending time with her family, Evelyn has other hobbies. She enjoys buying food from food trucks in Los Angeles and also enjoys sailing a lot. Her love for food trucks has made lots of people wonder if her husband actually runs a business that links people to food trucks. 

What is Evelyn’s Life on Social Media Like?

By now, you already know Evelyn is active on twitter. While there are lots of social media platforms she could be active on, she seems to enjoy relating with her fans on twitter. At the moment, Evelyn has 26.3K followers on twitter. This means she is popular on Twitter.

Beyond being on twitter, she is also active on Instagram. You, therefore, can always stay in touch with her by following her on Instagram. Evelyn has up to 32.3K followers on Instagram and seems to be very open about every part of her life.

Evelyn Loves Enjoying her Life

Evelyn has had quite a number of interviews. However, not all of them are as intriguing as her interview with Chilejam.com. In the interview with Chilejam.com, Evelyn talks about her dream life and her dream career.

She believes that to achieve your dream, you must have a passion for it. The passion she has for meteorology drove her to Los Angeles. Furthermore, this passion made her put in a lot of effort into her job and has helped her become a top-level weather forecaster.

In the interview Evelyn had with Chilejam.com she gave tips that people looking to chase their dreams can follow. Some of these tips are

  • Always stick to your dream
  • You must have huge goals
  • You must have small goals that can be attained easily
  • You have to be ready to sacrifice one thing to get another
  • You have to always have time for yourself
  • Create a balance between your work life and your personal life.
  • Maintain a positive outlook on life.

Evelyn has come a long way as a meteorologist and a TV presenter. She, however, did not achieve all she did by simply hoping things will work out. She had the right will power and consistently worked towards her dream. In her interview, Evelyn made it known that giving up on your dream is not an excuse. You must always have a vision and strive towards achieving it.


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