What is the Top Free Opensource Screen Recording without Watermark

The digital process of capturing any activity you are performing on your device screen is screen recording. This device can be your mobile phone or computer. Screen recording is a handy tool for gamers. They use it to make footage of their unique gameplay.

Professional can also use screen recording to teach others about software through demo videos. Due to its usefulness, several screen recording tools are available now. Various tools have certain features that differentiate them from others. Some of these features also improve the quality of the videos and support offline uploads.

Despite these excellent features, some of these tools always stamp videos with a watermark. A watermark is a form of a copyrighted image that companies use as a protection against piracy of their programs. For individuals that want a screen display free of these watermarks, their presence can be frustrating.

To avoid this, it is essential to know the screen recording tools that don’t create watermarks on videos. In this article, you will learn about the best screen recorders you can use without having to deal with watermarks.

AceThinker Screen Recorder

This screen recorder allows users to record their screens for free, without a time limit on recordings or watermark. It is web-based, and the video recordings are of high quality. A considerable benefit of this screen recorder is that there is no need for an account installation before use.

A web browser and stable internet connection are all that is necessary. The website is easy to use and user-friendly. Annotations such as texts, arrows, lines, and shapes are available to users while recording.

Thanks to these annotations, users can point out important parts of the videos to viewers. To make use of this free screen recorder no watermark tool, the following steps can help: 

Go to the AceThinker Website

The first step is to visit the official AceThinker Online Screen Recorder website. When you open this page, you can click on the “Start Recording” button. This is visible on the center of the main page. 

For a first-time user, you will get a prompt to open the online launcher of the recorder to begin recording your screen. When you do this, a floating toolbar becomes visible. This gives you various tools for your screen recording activities. 

Setup the Screen Recorder

After launching the screen recorder, the next step is to go through the initial setup. This involves setting up things like the webcam and region. You can also decide if you want to record full screen or not. 

All these can be setup through the floating toolbar. The audio output can also be set up here. The options available include audio output to a microphone, system sound, or both. Users can also set up hotkeys on this screen recorder.

To do this, click on “More” and go to settings. From the settings page, open the “General” tab, and make changes to the hotkeys as you see fit. When you finish making these changes, click on “OK” to apply and save these changes. 

Begin Your Screen Recording

If you’re comfortable with all the settings, you can start the screen recording by clicking on the “Record” button. This is visible at the left end of the floating toolbar. When a recording is ongoing, you can open the editing tools by clicking on the “Brush” icon. 

Through the editing tools, you can draw arrows, shapes, and lines. You also have the option of changing their sizes and colors to improve your recordings. 

Watch Your Recording

On the toolbar, there is a “Stop” button available for you to click when you want to end the recording. When you click this button, a new window appears which plays the recording. There is a “Save” button on the lower right of this window/media player for you to store the recorded video on your PC. 


  • Video formats available for recording include WMV, MP4, MOV, AVI, and more
  • There is a video playback player available


  • There is a heavy reliance on an internet connection to use this screen recorder


Another useful screen recorder is Screencast-O-Matic. This doesn’t create a watermark on your screen recordings and supports the addition of a webcam by users. Other features include the addition of narration to videos and connection of an external microphone.

Users can add images and texts to videos, and also zoom in or zoom out of the videos through the in-built video editor. To make your work easier, the screen recorder assists users in uploading videos to Facebook, Google Drive, YouTube, Dropbox, and more. This is to ease the stress of managing and sharing videos on cloud hosting services. 

Screencast-O-Matic is a preferred tool for many companies, individuals, and school systems. Its users are spread around the world in about 190 countries. This is a proof of its trustworthiness and usefulness. 


  • The web app version of the screen recorder is easy to use and only requires a click of the “Start Recording” button
  • In case of any issue, there is active technical support to help


  • The free version only supports a recording of 15 minutes
  • Without Java installed on your PC, using the screen recorder will be difficult

OBS Studio

OBS Studio is a software that lets users take screen recording to a different level. The API in use on this software supports various scripts and plugins, which in turn give access to several high-end customization options. Many users who engage in Livestreaming, video calling, and capturing of gameplay make use of this open-source tool for screen recording. 

For gamers, this tool supports a direct broadcast of gameplay to platforms like YouTube and Twitch. Setting up the screen recorder is a breeze for first-timers. This is thanks to the wizard that performs the optimization of broadcasting and screen recording on your computer.

The video editing feature of OBS Studio is also an excellent addition for every user. There is an option to merge, zoom in/out, tri, cut, delete, and so on. Some of the sponsors of the OBS Studio include NVIDIA, GDQ, Logitech, and XSplit. 


  • For low spec computers, the impact of the tool on the frame rate is low
  • User preference takes priority as the tool allows lots of customization to its settings


  • In comparison to other screen recording tools, OBS Studio is harder to use


This is another screen recording tool that offers features that make it an excellent option for everyone. Some of these features include the opportunity to edit a screencast video and make annotations. Also, the recorder supports the use of HTML5 in making eLearning videos.

Most users who utilize ActivePresenter often use it in creating educational materials or media content such as manuals, handouts, and for documentation. The absence of watermarks on the recordings makes this tool an excellent choice for teachers and other professionals seeking to create video tutorials.  

The design of the tool is simple, with a basic interface that makes it easy to use, even for beginners. When recording your screen, you can get up to a 1080p video quality.


  • It is safe and straightforward to use
  • Screen recording can be done through webcam with audio, full-screen, and there is a screenshot option
  • It enables the presentation of conference materials in a professional manner


  • Scripting references such as Javascript is not available


TinyTake is a screen recorder that supports recording up to 1080p quality. It is available for use on both Mac and Windows OS. To improve the screen recording, there are options to include lines, arrows, shapes, and comments on the video. 

When performing your screen in region mode or full-screen, you can get up to 120 minutes on each recording. If you prefer to record directly to platforms like Twitter, YouTube, Dailymotion, Facebook, and so on, this is possible with this screen recorder. 

While you make recordings of your computer screen, you can also connect an external microphone and webcam. TinyTake also lets you upload videos to OneDrive, Dropbox, Google Drive, and others for security. 


  • A 4GB RAM is the minimum requirement
  • It supports the use of custom shortcut keys


  • You cannot restart a recording

Icecream Screen Recorder

This is another excellent yet simple to use screen recorder to meet your needs. Like others on this list, there is no watermark on the recordings made with this tool. In addition to HD video recordings, you can create annotations such as shapes. This gives you a means of shifting focus to crucial parts of your video.

There is also a screenshot option while recording. There are lots of users who use this tool to create webinars, video tutorials, capturing certain events on apps like Skype, and live streams. 

If you want to create a narration on the video recording or appear on it, this tool supports the use of an external webcam and microphone for this purpose. Although it doesn’t paste a watermark on its own, users can decide to place on as a way to secure their videos. 


  • It produces high-quality, professional videos, even when the editing is by an amateur 
  • There is an option of converting videos to various formats such as MOV, MP4, MKV, and so on. 

Windows 10 Game DVR

The Windows 10 Game DVR is a screen recording utility that is available on the Windows 10 OS. The inspiration for this screen recording utility is the Xbox Game Bar. This Bar supports the recording of computer screens without the need to install third-party applications on your computer. 

The Windows 10 Game DVR is a popular tool among gamers seeking to capture and share some of their gameplay with other players. However, it can do much more than this. Users can also use it in creating webinars, video blogs, how-to videos, and so on.

Despite its usefulness, there is a limit to its application. For example, it cannot capture the entire desktop and programs such as File Manager.


  • There is an option to change the name of your recordings before uploading online or saving on your computer
  • It supports trimming of recordings


  • It is unavailable on the Mac OS

QuickTime Player

The QuickTime player is a built-in screen recorder on the Mac OS. Using this tool for screen recording is very easy since the controls are similar to those on a DVD player. In addition to screen recording, you can use it to edit, share, and play video and audio files. 

If you have a recorded video, you can use the QuickTime player to edit it. The editing options available include cut, split, copy, flip, paste, rotate, or delete. You can also share the videos by AirDrop, Mail, Messages, or upload to a site like YouTube through the screen recorder. 


  • You can choose to record only audio
  • Connecting an iOS 8 device or later to your Mac through a Lightning port enables recording


  • The availability of this screen recorder is limited to Mac OS

AZ Screen Recorder

This is a screen recorder that is available on Android devices. It supports screen recording of 1080p video quality and also records audio. This is a handy tool for users who intend to record a video call, game, tutorial, live show, and so on. 

There are several customization options on this screen recorder which enable users to display recording duration, show countdowns, touch visual feedbacks, enable a time-lapse effect, and so on. Through the video editor on the app, users can also merge, trip, and split videos. 


  • It offers high-quality recordings and is free to install and use
  • You can set video timers


  • Several malicious ads are present on the app which can be harmful to your device

Apple Screen Recorder

If you use an iOS device, the Apple Screen Recorder is available for you. This offers features similar to the AZ recorder, but also comes with a real-time screenshot feature.

Since it is a built-in screen recorder, there is no possibility of exposing your device to viruses like with the AZ screen recorder. 


  • You can trim the start and end of the video recording
  • You can make narrations via your microphone


  • Devices running iOS 10 or below don’t have this screen recorder


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